Assessing the impact of the Gothenburg protocol in the Czech Republic


Samples of surface flowing waters

Vladimír Majer, Oldřich Myška, Pavla Kováříková, Alena Mazancová

Czech Geological Surve


Map of collected samples

Distribution map of pH, conductivity

Concentration maps: SO4, NO3, Cl-, F-, Ca, As, Be, Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn


pH measurements - Morava river, Dyje river, Odra river

Concentration of elements/oxides at the individual sampling localities: SO4, NO3, F, Cl, Ca, As, Be, Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn

Biological recovery from acidification and saturation of ecosystems with nitrogen

(Level III)


Jiří Kopáček

Biology Centre AS CR, Institute of Hydrobiology


Target 1 – To outline the limits of surface water chemistry, which are necessary for biological recovery of each ecosystem component (plankton, benthos, fish) and generalisation of these limits to sites of the Levels II and I.

Target 2 – To monitor the biochemical transformation of N in soils and isotopic composition of tree rings and to find the most suitable monitoring tools for evaluation of the level and duration of ecosystem saturation with N.

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