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The task of the Czech Geological Survey, established in 1919, is to provide the state geological service for the Czech Republic. Although the character of the institution, together with its name, has changed over time, its main mission and related unique social status have remained. The Czech Geological Survey has the statutory responsibility to gather, store and interpret geological information so that the state administration can take appropriate decisions about national economic and environmental issues. It provides the results of systematic regional geological mapping and investigation to all interested persons.

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The CGS is authorized to function as the state geological service in the whole territory of the Czech Republic. Within the frame of its research activities, the CGS provides expert advice to support decision-making on issues of state and public interest, report compilation and expert activities, conducting and interpretation of geological works, etc.
Download the Czech Geological Survey Annual Report 2018.
Information on dumping sites for mining waste posing serious environmental or health hazard.
Provides map applications, which allow access to geoscientific data from geodatabases and the Digital archive of the CGS.
Offers a rich photographic doccumentation to the collections stored in the Czech Geological Survey.
Volcanoes in the heart of Europe – the CGS film on YouTube.

Partners of the Czech Geological Survey

Ministry of Environment EuroGeoSurveys

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Czech Geological Survey
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+420 257 089 411 (Switchboard)
+420 257 089 500 (Secretariat of the Director)