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Lipold, Marcus Vincens

born 1816, Mozirje (in the Slovenian part of southern Styria), died 22nd April 1883, Idria (now Slovenia)

Austrian geologist and mining engineer of Slovenian origin. At first he was mining officer in Vienna and became famous in the scientific community because of his work. Later he was a 'Begehungscommissär' in Tyrol, he took a course at the mining engineering museum and conducted geological investigations in the estate Nadworna in eastern Galicia (now Poland). After the foundation of the Imperial Geological Institute in Vienna in 1849 he became its member. He was involved in mapping of the eastern Alps. In 1867, he left for Idria, where he became the chairman of the Mining Office. Later, as the chief geologist, he worked in the Central Bohemian Proterozoic and Early Paleozoic (now Barrandian). He belonged among the opponents of the theory of colonies introduced by J.Barrande. He published numerous papers on coal deposits of Central Bohemia and the Ordovician sedimentary iron ores. He also worked in Silesia and wrote and published several geological and petrographic studies mainly from eastern part of the Nízký Jeseník Mountains, from the central Sudetes and the Těšín region. He described the well-known Hohenegger’s collection of minerals in Těšín.

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