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Helmhacker, Rudolf V. M.Sc., Prof.

born 15th November 1840, Rokycany, died 24th May 1915, Prague

Geologist and mining engineer. He completed his education in 1857 - 1863 at the Polytechnic College in Prague, the Prague University, the Polytechnic College in Vienna, and at the Mining Academy in Příbram. When he finished his studies he was mining engineer in the years 1863 - 1872 working at many places (for example, Zbýšov u Brna, Nučice, Kladno and Ostrava). In 1875, he was assigned to a post of professor of mineralogy, geology and paleontology at the Mining Academy in Leoben (now Styria)where he worked till 1883. In 1883, he left for Russia and Siberia, where he searched for gold deposits in the Altai Mountains and the Urals. When the World War One broke out in 1914, he stayed in France where he was imprisoned. At the beginning of 1915 he returned to Prague and soon after he died. His scientific work is diverse dealing with almost all disciplines of earth sciences. It comprises papers on mineralogy, petrography, geology, mineral deposits and mining engineering. He investigated paleontology of the Rosice-Oslavany coal field. He described an organic mineral válaite (named after J. Vála but later discredited) from Zastávka and Zbýšov u Brna, whose composition is close to asphalt. He is the author of very accurate geological maps of the Czech Lands.

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