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Rosiwal, August Karl Prof., M.Sc.

born 2nd December 1860, Vienna, died 9th October 1923, Vienna

Mineralogist, petrographer, geologist, and teacher. In 1878 - 1883 he studied at the College of Technology in Vienna, in 1885 was assistant professor of mineralogy and geology and later private associate professor of mineralogy and petrography. Between 1891 and 1918 he was member of the Imperial Geological Institute, carrying out geological mapping in the Bohemian Massif. He was among the authors who compiled high quality maps of the crystalline complex of the Bohemian Massif. In 1918, he was assigned to a post of professor of mineralogy and geology at the College of Technology in Vienna. He was interested in general and regional mineralogy and petrography, geology, and hydrology of mineral waters. He wrote numerous papers and monographs related to the territory of the present Czech Republic. Some of his extensive books include: 'Thermen von Karlsbad' (1895), 'Aus dem krystalinischen Gebiete zwischen Schwarzawa und Zwitawa' (1892-1895), 'Neuere Ergebnisse der Härtebestimmung von Mineralien und Gesteinen' (1916), 'Über neue Maßnahmen zum Schutze der Karlsbader Therme' (1893), 'Über die Thermen von Carlsbad und den Schutz derselben' (1895), and many others.

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