Ordovician Chitinozoa and biostratigraphy from Skåne and Bornholm, southernmost Scandinavia - an overview and update


Authors: Grahn Y, Nolvak J

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 82, issue 1; pages: 11 - 26; Received 22 May 2006; Accepted in revised form 29 November 2006;

Keywords: Ordovician, Chitinozoa, Scandinavia, Skåne, Bornholm,

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Ordovician chitinozoans from Skåne (Sweden) and Bornholm (Denmark), in southernmost Scandinavia, are discussed. Previously published information on Ordovician chitinozoans from these two provinces is reviewed and complemented with new data. Characteristic Baltoscandian chitinozoan faunas have been found from the uppermost Tremadocian (H. copiosus Zone) to the Ordovician-Silurian boundary interval. Besides the uppermost Tremadocian strata, the Lower Ordovician part of the Toyen Formation (Floian to lowermost Darriwilian) has not been investigated. The Belonechitina micracantha - robusta - wesenbergensis complex is discussed in some detail. The forty-nine species, of which twelve in open nomenclature, are from fifteen genera. One species, Conochitina scabra n. sp., from the uppermost Lindegård Mudstone and lower Tommarp Formation (uppermost Katian-lower Hirnantian) in Skåne, is newly described.


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