Subscription orders should be directed and remmittance made payable to:

Bulletin of Geosciences
Czech Geological Survey
Klárov 3/131
11821 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Please transfer money to the account of the Czech Geological Survey at Komerční banka, Na Příkopě 33, 114 07 Praha 1, Czech Republic, IBAN number: for payment in Euros CZ8401000000511078850237 or CZ3501000000000087530011 for payment in Czech crowns. SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX.

Subscribtion orders and any questions can be sent also via e-mail to the technical editor Mgr. Šárka Sedláčková (bulletin(a) with a copy to

Subscription rates (in EUROS):

Single issue EUR 14 EUR 20
Volumes (4 issues) EUR 50 EUR 65
Please add EUR 8 (standard mail), or EUR 13 (priority mail) for mailing per issue (see price list or ask the technical editor Mgr. Šárka Sedláčková (bulletin(a) for a price quotation.

Back issues beginning with vol. 1 are also available at the following prices:

1 (1925) - 75 (2000) EUR 12
(single issue EUR 3)
EUR 16
(single issue EUR 4)
76 (2001) - 85 (2010) EUR 40
(single issue EUR 10)
EUR 65
(single issue EUR 18)
The cost of postage and packing will be added. Typically, single issues of the Bulletin of Geosciences published in the last few years weigh ca. 700-900 g (for postal charge see information above). Inquires about priority mail (air mail) charges should be sent to Mgr. Šárka Sedláčková (