The Bulletin of Geosciences is an international journal publishing original research papers, review articles, and short contributions concerning palaeoenvironmental geology, including palaeontology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeogeography, palaeoecology, palaeoclimatology, geochemistry, mineralogy, geophysics, and related fields. All papers are subject to international peer review, and acceptance is based on quality alone.

Since the No. 1 / 2007 Bulletin of Geosciences has been accepted to the ISI database (Web of Science).

After 85 years of independent publication, the Bulletin of Geosciences is co-published together with the West Bohemia Museum in Pilsen.

Bulletin of Geosciences – open access future

Despite recent budgetary constraints, the Editorial Board of the Bulletin of Geosciences has decided to reaffirm the status of the Bulletin as an open access journal. The Bulletin of Geosciences is published as a non-profit making journal and the vast majority of people (including members of the editorial board) receive no payment for their work. The budget covers costs for type-setting and printing. The decision to maintain open access publishing requires changes in journal policy with regard to reprints and colour illustrations (see below).

Gifts from other sponsors are very welcome. The names of sponsors will be listed in both the printed and electronic versions of the Bulletin; those giving 100 Euros or more may obtain free issues of the Bulletin of Geosciences.

Sponsors of the Bulletin of Geosciences for 2020

Bradley D. Cramer (Iowa City)
Joachim T. Haug (Planegg-Martinsried)
Štěpán Manda (Praha)
Michal Mergl (Plzeň)
Sigitas Radzevičius (Vilnius)


Following the gentlemen's agreement between the Czech Geological Survey and the Czech Geological Society in 2006, the Bulletin of Geosciences focuses solely on palaeontology, sedimentology, stratigraphy and related fields. The papers concerned with hard rock geology and related subjects are published by the partner Journal of Geosciences.

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