Organic sulphur as a main index for determining the genetic type of low-rank coals


Authors: Butuzova L, Bechtel A, Turchanina O, Safin VA, Butuzov G, Isayeva L

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 80, issue 1; pages: 3 - 8; Received 30 July 2004; Accepted in revised form 3 December 2004;

Keywords: bituminous coals, statistical analysis, organic sulphur, volatile matter yield, dibenzothiophene/phenanthrene ratio, hopanes, 13C-isotopes,

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A statistical analysis of the quality of Donetz low-rank coals has been carried out using catalogue data and freshly-sampled coals. Thirty seven samples of bituminous coals with volatile matter contents ranging from 37.2% to 44.2% were used. All coals are closely clustered into groups of samples with different ranges of (O+N) daf/Cdaf atomic ratio. It has been shown that linear correlations exist between the Sîdaf and Sîdaf/Cdaf ratio and Vdaf. The correlation coefficients within the different sample groups have been found to be r1=0.87; r2=0.92, and r3=0.98. They increase as the Odaf/Cdaf interval is narrowed down, i.e. as the coal rank is more exactly defined. Similarly, a statistical dependence between the volatile matter yield and the organic sulphur content has been found for the Donetsk DG and G brand coals, with the correlation coefficients being r = 0.91 and r = 0.95, respectively. It was also found that some structural parameters of the coals correlate with Sodaf.