Late Ordovician (Sandbian) bryozoans and their depositional environment, Furuberget Formation, Mjosa District, Oslo Region, Norway


Authors: Ernst A, Nakrem HA

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 87, issue 1; pages: 21 - 44; Received 9 September 2011; Accepted in revised form 23 November 2011; Online 14 December 2011

Keywords: Late Ordovician, Bryozoa, Norway, taxonomy, palaeobiogeography,

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A stenolaemate bryozoan fauna from the Late Ordovician (Sandbian) Furuberget Formation of the Mjosa district, southern Norway contains 10 species. One species belongs to the Order Cyclostomata: Corynotrypa delicatula (James, 1878). Five species belong to the Order Trepostomata: Parvohallopora ramosa (d’Orbigny, 1850), Mesotrypa orientalis Bassler, 1911, Mesotrypa egena Bassler, 1911, Dekayia sugarensis Ross, 1969, and Eridotrypa aedilis (Eichwald, 1855). Four species belong to the Suborder Ptilodictyina of the Order Cryptostomata: Graptodictya perelegans (Ulrich, 1878), Oanduellina leuchtenbergi Pushkin, 1977, Phaenopora similis Nekhoroshev, 1961, and Ptilodictya capillaris Lavrentjeva (in Gorjunova&Lavrentjeva, 1993). The bryozoan faunal association is similar to that found in time-equivalent Baltoscandian and Laurentian units elsewhere. Their known biostratigraphic range is generally Late Ordovician (Sandbian–Katian).


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