Porostrobus nathorstii (Leary & Mickle) emend. and its spores from the Namurian of Illinois, USA


Authors: Bek J, Leary RL

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 87, issue 1; pages: 45 - 52; Received 27 June 2011; Accepted in revised form 9 November 2011; Online 25 January 2012

Keywords: herbaceous lycopsids, in situ spores, Porostrobus, Bothrodendrostrobus, Carboniferous,

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The type collection of the Carboniferous selaginellalean lycopsid cone species Porostrobus nathorstii (Leary & Mickle) emend. was palynologically re-examined for in situ microspores. Originally (Leary & Mickle 1989) this species was proposed as monosporangiate with only megaspores, but now microsporangia yielded microspores compared to the dispersed miospore genus Cingulizonates (Dybova & Jachowicz) Butterworth et al. All species of the genus Porostrobus Nathorst are, therefore, bisporangiate with in situ megaspores of the Setosisporites-type and microspores belong to the densospore group [genera Densosporites (Berry) Butterworth et al. and Cingulizonates]. The history of Porostrobus and Bothrodendrostrobus Hirmer cones is discussed with aspect of their possible relationship and ecological needs.


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