An unusual occurrence of Pedinopariops (Trilobita: Phacopidae) within siliciclastic facies in the Devonian of Awaynat Wanin, Libya


Authors: McKellar RC, Chatterton BDE, Meinhold G, Ben Rahuma MM

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 87, issue 2; pages: 219 - 225; Received 14 June 2011; Accepted in revised form 7 October 2011; Online 18 November 2011

Keywords: Trilobita, Phacopidae, Devonian, Givetian, Awaynat Wanin, Ghadamis Basin, Libya,

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A new phacopid trilobite is described from the Givetian sequence of the Awaynat Wanin Group in the southern Ghadamis Basin, Libya. The specimen displays most of the eye and sculpture features necessary for a determination and can be restricted to Pedinopariops (Hypsipariops) Struve, 1982. The new specimen does not belong to any taxon known so far and hence is considered to be a new species. The specimen remains in open nomenclature and is assigned to Pedinopariops (Hypsipariops) sp. nov. A. This is the first Devonian trilobite described from Libya, and represents an unusual occurrence of Phacopidae in a relatively coarse siliciclastic facies.


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