Lingulate brachiopods from the Chýnice Limestone (upper Emsian, Barrandian; Czech Republic)


Authors: Mergl M, Ferrová L

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 84, issue 3; pages: 525 - 546; Received 4 May 2009; Accepted in revised form 21 July 2009; Online 3 September 2009

Keywords: Discinidae, Biernatidae, shell microornamentation, taxonomy, Chýnice Limestone, Emsian,

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Lingulate brachiopod fauna of the Chýnice Limestone (Zlíchov Formation, Emsian; Czech Republic) were examined. Ten species have been observed, of which Acrosaccus vertex, Schizotreta vaneki, Havlicekion frydai, and Opsiconidion coralinus are described here as new taxa. Shell microornaments of several of the taxa were examined and it indicated that some show prominent changes during shell growth. Uniformity of microornaments in particular species is evidenced. Both findings suggest that microornaments can be used as a significant feature in determination of separate species. Composition of the fauna indicates a close relationship to the Eifelian lingulate fauna of the Barrandian area


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