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Geological Survey of Ethiopia


Photos of geological objects and field works in the southern Ethiopia.

Erosion around Kulito Alaba

Deep erosion of soil and weathering cover around Kulito Alaba. (Author: Vladislav Rapprich)

Scoria cone

Basaltic lava and scoria cone near Menahenya (Author: Vladislav Rapprich)

Ganjull scoria cone

Ganjull scoria cone rising above Chamo Lake. (Author: Vladislav Rapprich)

Korke Seluwa

Obsidian volcano Korke Seluwa. (Author: Vladislav Rapprich)

Pumice cone

Small pumice cone inside the Corbetti Caldera. (Author: Vladislav Rapprich)


Collapsed roof of a cavity created by subsurface erosion along tectonic fracture. (Author: Vladislav Rapprich)

Corbetti Caldera

Rim of the Corbetti Caldera. (Author: Vladislav Rapprich)

Kale Korke

Kale Korke scoria cone. (Author: Vladislav Rapprich)