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Geological Survey of Ethiopia

Project description

The Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE) has been restructured in the years 2007–2009 and a new division of “Geological risks” has been formed. The GSE does not employ sufficient expert capacities to cover duties related to interpretation of geological risks. The increasing GSE demand after environmental data could not be covered by the GSE in current stage. In addition, GSE is responsible for mapping of groundwater resources and afford these data to wide spectra of final users.

For these reasons, GSE contacted Czech Republic within the framework of Development assistance program with a demand on Capacity building in engineering geology, volcanology, seismology and hydrogeology. The current project links on previous Czech-Ethiopian projects partly co-financed from the state budget of Ethiopia.

There is a partner project in Ethiopia covering the participation of Ethiopian experts on this project. The Ethiopian project covers salaries of Ethiopian geologists, energy, daily allowances of Ethiopian colleagues, fuel, etc.

Project output

20 experts of the Geological Survey of Ethiopia trained in engineering geology, volcanology, seismology and hydrogeology will be able to compile, edit, present and interpret special map outputs.

Edited hydrogeological and hydrochemical maps including explanation booklets and database of documentation of following map sheets: Asela, Dila, Hosaina, Dolo (scale 1 : 250 000).

Identification of localities optimal for future hydrogeological drilling.

Edited maps of georisks including explanation booklets of following sheets: Dila and Hosaina (scale 1 : 250 000). Interpretation of risk level and its application in land use planning.

Unified methodology for compilation and editing of geological maps and maps of georisks.

Equip a partner organisation with instruments necessary for independent survey in geological risks.

Download Files

Project document (in Czech)

Phase report – phase 1 (in Czech)

Seismic hazard of Southern Ethiopia

Author: Jiri Malek