A proposed crinoid zonation of the Devonian deposits of eastern Transbaikal


Authors: Kurilenko AV, Kulkov NP

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 83, issue 4; pages: 461 - 472; Received 22 November 2006; Accepted in revised form 2 July 2008;

Keywords: Devonian, crinoid biozonation, brachiopods, assemblages, biostratigraphy, Transbaikal,

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Devonian deposits of eastern Transbaikal, Russia, are widely distributed in the Onon, Argun and Upper Amur terranes, each with a different geological development history. Two lithofacies are represented in the geological section: carbonate-volcanogenic-terrigenous (Onon terrane) and terrigenous-carbonate (Argun and Upper Amur terranes), with strata in the latter characterized by abundant fossil remains, especially numerous crinoids and brachiopods. Brachiopod assemblages are stated for each strata of the Transbaikal Devonian. A crinoid biostratigraphic zonation is proposed within the Mongol-Okhotsk fold belt as follows: Scyphocrinites mariannae, Costatocrinus bicostatus and Tastjicrinus paucicostatus (Lower Lochkovian); Amazaricrinus ildicanensis (Pragian); Paradecacrinus orientalis (Emsian); Raricrinus minimus and Vasticrinus vastus (Eifelian); Ononicrinus gracilis (Givetian); Hexacrinites? stukalinae sp. nov. (Frasnian) and Platycrinites? subtuberosus (Upper Famennian). Local and regional crinoid ages accord well with those of brachiopods. Lateral distribution of faunal assemblages allows regional correlation.


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