Yochelcionella (Mollusca, Helcionelloida) from the lower Cambrian of North America


Authors: Atkins CJ, Peel JS

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 83, issue 1; pages: 23 - 38; Received 26 September 2007; Accepted in revised form 10 January 2008;

Keywords: Yochelcionella, Helcionelloida, Mollusca, lower Cambrian (Cambrian Series 2), North America,

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Five named species of the helcionelloid mollusc genus Yochelcionella Runnegar & Pojeta, 1974 are recognized from the lower Cambrian (Cambrian Series 2) of North America: Yochelcionella erecta (Walcott, 1891), Y. americana Runnegar &Pojeta, 1980, Y. chinensis Pei, 1985, Y. greenlandica Atkins & Peel, 2004 and Y. gracilis Atkins & Peel, 2004, linking lower Cambrian outcrops along the present north-eastern seaboard. Yochelcionella erecta, an Avalonian species, is described for the first time; other species are derived from Laurentia. A revised concept of the Chinese species, Y. chinensis, is based mainly on a large sample from the Forteau Formation of western Newfoundland and the species may have stratigraphic utility between Cambrian palaeocontinents.


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