Ichnology of the non-marine deposits of the Boskovice Basin (Carboniferous-Permian, Czech Republic)


Authors: Mikuláš R, Martínek K

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 81, issue 1; pages: 81 - 91; Received 16 March 2005; Accepted in revised form 12 January 2006;

Keywords: trace fossils, ichnofabric, Carboniferous, Permian, lacustrine and fluvial environment, Boskovice Basin,

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In the area of the Boskovice Basin, simple ichnoassemblages and ichnofabric patterns characterize a suite of lacustrine and fluvial deposits. The succession of ichnofabrics enables us to correlate several sections in the northern part of the basin, supporting the correlation of the previously recognized Bačov, Míchov and Obora horizons. The mostly finegrained lacustrine deposits below bituminous limestones contain Planolites beverleyensis, Planolites montanus, amphibian footprints, and rare Cruziana problematica. Reddish sandstones, which can be interpreted as alluvial plain deposits, contain Planolites, Scoyenia, 'star-like traces', and Diplocraterion. In the southern part of the basin, the coal-bearing strata are characterized by generally poor bioturbation, with isolated levels of 'root spots' and Planolites. The lowermost strata of the overlying red-bed unit show intensive and rhythmical Planolites ichnofabric, the intensity and uniformity of which decrease upwards.


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