The possibility of sulphur redistribution in the semi-coking products of low-reduced and reduced coals


Authors: Turchanina O, Butuzova L, Safin VA, Isayeva L

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 80, issue 1; pages: 99 - 103; Received 30 July 2004; Accepted in revised form 13 December 2004;

Keywords: Donetz Basin, sulphur in coal, semi-coking products,

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The use of coals with high sulphur contents is an important issue for Donetz Basin, where nearly 70% of the coal stock contains more than 3% sulphur. Sulphur content is a main criterion of fuel quality and is connected to a coal's genetic type by reductivity.
Three pairs of Donetz low-rank bituminous coals of different genetic types (reduced coal - RC and low-reduced coal - LRC) were studied in this work. A comparative study of the thermal destruction process of RC and LRC coals, and of the distribution of sulphur in the semi-coking products has been carried out.