Properties of lignite from the Konya-Ilgin-Çavuşçu deposit and its potential use in a future power plant (Turkey)


Authors: Inaner H

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 80, issue 1; pages: 19 - 22; Received 30 August 2004; Accepted in revised form 3 January 2005;

Keywords: lignite, coalfield, Turkey,

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The Konya-Ilgin-Çavuşçu lignite coalfield is located in the central part of Turkey. This coalfield has been mined in an open-pit manner by private companies. There is a single mined coal seam, the thickness of which varies between 1.10-37.15 m. A total of sixty five boreholes have been drilled in the area toward assessing the reserves. Confirmed and extractable reserves have been calculated by the polygon and isopach methods, depending on the boreholes drilled at different times. There is enough coal in the Ilgin-Çavuşçu coalfield to fuel a thermal power plant.