The microstructure of semi-cokes and cokes of Donetz low-rank coals of different genetic types


Authors: Butuzova L, Isayeva L, Bulyga O, Turchanina O, Krzton A, Matsenko G

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 80, issue 1; pages: 9 - 14; Received 30 July 2004; Accepted in revised form 3 January 2005;

Keywords: sulphur coals, semi-cokes, cokes, microstructure, additives,

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The chemistry of low-rank coals of the same rank but different genetic types (reduced - RC, and low-reduced - LRC) have been studied. It has been shown that the coals of RC type give fritted and less compact semi-cokes with a higher volume of pores and lesser relative content of walls. Data from optical microscopy agrees with that of the yield of vapour-gas products of semi-coking from differential thermal analysis and DRIFT-spectroscopy.