Exoscopy of Moravian eolian sediments


Authors: Lisá L

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 79, issue 3; pages: 177 - 182; Received 31 January 2003; Accepted in revised form 11 March 2004;

Keywords: exoscopy, microstructure, heavy minerals, loess, Last Glacial,

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Loess and related eolian sediment samples from selected localities in southern and central Moravia were studied using exoscopy combined with the study of heavy minerals, toward determining the provenance of their source rocks. The loess sediments from selected localities were divided into four sub-groups based on the characteristics of their heavy mineral fractions. Material of the first sub-group was deflated solely from the weathering horizons of nearby magmatic or metamorphic rocks to the west. The material of the other loess sub-areas was predominantly deflated from sedimentary rocks to the west, southwest, and northwest of their present sites. The sediments with a predominant fine-grained fraction contain exceedingly minimum quartz grains lacking distinctive transport evidence. Nonetheless, it has been possible to use other methods in determining their source rocks.