Brachiopod assemblages in the Devonian of Ferques (Boulonnais, France). Relations to palaeoenvironments and global eustatic curves


Authors: Brice D

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 78, issue 4; pages: 405 - 417; Received 23 July 2003; Accepted in revised form 18 September 2003;

Keywords: Brachiopod assemblages, Givetian, Frasnian, Boulonnais, palaeoenvironment, eustatic curves,

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Twelve brachiopod assemblages of the Devonian of Ferques (4 in the Givetian, 8 in the Frasnian), some of them previously briefly described (Brice 1986), are reviewed and analysed with respect to their diversity, dominance, preservation, palaeoenvironment and associated benthic fauna. They are classified according to Boucot (1975). Stratigraphic and biostratigraphic positions relative to conodont standard biozonation are defined or discussed. A correlation between the positions and the characteristics of twelve assemblages and three global sea-level curves of Depophase II (Transgression-Regression of Johnson et al. 1985), IIa, IIb, IIc, is proposed and discussed.