Foraminiferal assemblages in acid residues from the 'Císařská rokle' Gorge at Srbsko (the Lower/Middle Devonian boundary interval, Barrandian area) and their paleoenvironmental significance


Authors: Holcová K

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 78, issue 4; pages: 393 - 403; Received 7 July 2003; Accepted in revised form 19 September 2003;

Keywords: Foraminifera, acid-resistant microfossils, Devonian, paleoecology, Barrandian area,

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Thirteen foraminiferal taxa in acid residues were described from the 'Císařská rokle' Gorge at Srbsko. Foraminifers were recorded only in the nodular Třebotov Limestone and their assemblages are rare and low-diversified. Assemblages dominated by Thurammina diforamens Ireland occur in the lowermost part of the Třebotov Limestone with shale intercalations. Assemblages with Tolypammina div. sp. occur in the lowermost and uppermost part of nodular limestones without shale intercalations. Among Tolypammina div. sp., morphotypes with whole attached tests prevailed, which may indicate higher-energy environment. Similarly to other sections from this time interval, assemblages dominated by Ammodiscus ex gr. incertus Orbigny prevailed in the middle part of the Třebotov Limestone Bimodal size distribution of their tests corresponds probably to megalo- and microspheric forms.