New Silurian-Devonian pseudophorid gastropods


Authors: Blodgett RB, Frýda J, Boucot AJ

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 78, issue 4; pages: 359 - 367; Received 23 July 2003; Accepted in revised form 21 August 2003;

Keywords: Gastropoda, Pseudophoridae, new taxa, Silurian, Devonian, Gaspé, Maine, Sweden, Alaska,

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Pseudophorid gastropods typically occur as warm-water (tropical to subtropical) elements in Late Ordovician-Permian strata. Silurian occurrences are known from the North Silurian Realm (North Atlantic Region) and Devonian occurrences are known only from the Old World Realm and Eastern Americas Realm. No occurrences are known from the cool- to cold-water Malvinokaffric Realm during the Silurian or Devonian. New Silurian-Devonian taxa of this biogeographically distinctive gastropod family include three new genera: Gaspephorus, based on the Late Silurian (Ludlow-Přídolí) Euomphalopterus gasconensis Northrop from Gaspé and northern Maine; Peelophorus, based on Trochus astraliiformis Lindström from the Silurian (Wenlock) of Gotland; and Bergmadsenella, based on Pleurotomaria marklini Lindström, also from the Late Silurian (Wenlock) of Gotland. In addition, a new species of Astralites, A. gamblei, from early Middle Devonian (Eifelian) strata of the Cheeneetnuk Limestone, McGrath A-5 quadrangle of west-central Alaska is established.