Eoteuthoidae - a new family of Late Cretaceous dibranchiate cephalopods (Coleoidea, Decapoda, Teuthina?)


Authors: Košťák M

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 78, issue 2; pages: 157 - 160; Received 14 November 2002; Accepted in revised form 7 March 2003;

Keywords: Upper Cretaceous, Cephalopoda, new taxa, Euteuthoidae,

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On the basis of a uniquely preserved gladius of the Turonian coleoid cephalopod, the new genus Eoteuthoides Kostak, 2002, and the new family Eoteuthoidae fam. nov. are established. Designation of a new higher taxomomic unit is based on marked morphological differences from all known fossil taxa. Eoteuthoides shows strong affinities to some living families.