Middle Ordovician graptolite fauna from Praha - Červený vrch (Prague Basin, Czech Republic)


Authors: Kraft P, Kraft J

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 78, issue 2; pages: 129 - 139; Accepted in revised form 15 April 2003;

Keywords: Middle Ordovician, graptolites, Prague Basin, stratigraphy,

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Graptolites collected from a section of the Šárka Formation at Praha - Červený vrch indicate the uppermost Arenigian (lower part of the Corymbograptus retroflexus Biozone). The pendent Didymograptus cf. spinulosus indicating the Llanvirnian age is recorded from this locality. It is evident that the graptolite faunas span the Arenigian/Llanvirnian boundary interval. Thirteen species of graptolites including seven graptoloid species were found. The succession of graptolite assemblages is compared with the measured section at Rokycany - Drahouš used here as a standard for this interval. The data set from Praha - Červený vrch indicates overthrusting within this section of the Šárka Formation.