Mineral assemblage of the Červený vrch locality


Authors: Chvátal M

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 78, issue 2; pages: 103 - 106; Received 5 March 2003; Accepted in revised form 7 March 2003;

Keywords: mineral assemblages, Ordovician, Barrandian,

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Mineral assemblage was studied in shales and siltstones and the accompanying siliceous concretions of the Šárka Formation within the geological and palaeontological investigations of the temporary excavations made by the Skanska Company on the Červený vrch Hill in Prague-Vokovice, Czech Republic. Mineral identification was performed with the use of DRON-2.1 powder X-ray diffractometer (Institute of Geology, Mineralogy and Mineral Resources, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague). Mineral composition was specified by the CamScan S4 (Cambridge) scanning electron microscope equipped with Link ISIS 300 (Oxford) energy dispersion system (Laboratory of Geological Institutes, Faculty of Science, Charles University).