Fossil assemblages from the Middle Ordovician Šárka Formation at Praha - Červený vrch Hill (Prague Basin, Barrandian area)


Authors: Kraft P, Budil P, †Chlupáč I, Fatka O, Kraft J, Mikuláš R, Mergl M, Bruthansová J

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 78, issue 2; pages: 99 - 101; Accepted in revised form 9 April 2003;

Keywords: Acritarcha, Chitinozoa, Brachiopoda, Trilobita, Graptolithina, trace fossils, Šárka Formation, Ordovician, Prague Basin,

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The most important aspects of fossil assemblages from measured section at Praha - Červený vrch Hill are summarized, including comments on their composition and taphonomy. List of all discovered taxa is presented.