A contribution to the theory of the cameral mantle in some Silurian Nautiloidea (Mollusca, Cephalopoda)


Authors: Kolebaba I

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 77, issue 3; pages: 183 - 186; Received 11 December 2001; Accepted in revised form 15 March 2002;

Keywords: Cephalopoda, Silurian, Ludlovian, Czech Republic, cameral mantle, functional morphology, taxonomy, new taxa,

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Plagiostomoceras vestigium sp. n., a new species of orthoconic cephalopods from the Silurian (Ludlow, Ludfordian, Kopanina Formation) of Central Bohemia, is described. Based on the proved original presence of the cameral mantle in gas chambers, the described species has been assigned to the family Leurocycloceratidae, order Pallioceratida Marek, 1998. Three morphological types of the cameral mantle have been distinguished in six species of Protobactrites, Plagiostomoceras, Nucleoceras and Murchisoniceras, in which this tissue has been proved. Characteristic cross-sections of their gas chambers are figured.