Arthropods of Burgess Shale type from the Middle Cambrian of Bohemia (Czech Republic)


Authors: Chlupáč I, Kordule V

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 77, issue 3; pages: 167 - 182; Received 4 April 2002; Accepted in revised form 29 April 2002;

Keywords: Arthropoda, Phyllocarida and incertae sedis, Middle Cambrian, Barrandian area, Czech Republic,

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Rare non-trilobite arthropods, mostly with affinities with the Burgess Shale fauna, are described from the Middle Cambrian Jince Formation of the Barrandian area, Central Bohemia (Czech Republic): Tuzoia sp., another large Tuzoia-like arthropod (probably a new genus), Proboscicaris hospes sp. n., Helmetia? fastigata sp. n., and Forfexicaris? sp. The status of Pilocystites primitius Barrande, 1887, formerly ranged with echinoderms but here recognized as a Tuzoia fragment, is discussed. Most of described arthropods (except Forfexicaris? sp.) are thought to be nektobenthic animals of a shallow-water environment, possibly tolerant to some salinity fluctuations. Relationships, particularly to North American faunas, indicate open migration possibilities between Laurentia and peri-Gondwana regions during the Middle Cambrian.