Investigation of granite inhomogeneity with well logging methods


Authors: Zilahi-Sebess L, Szongoth G

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 77, issue 2; pages: 127 - 134; Received 25 February 2002; Accepted in revised form 9 May 2002;

Keywords: granite, tectonic control, fracture, fracturing, flow mechanisms, well-logging, acoustic borehole televiewer, heat pulse flowmeter,

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In this study we present a case history on the investigation of a fissure-system in granite rock of the Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic, with the help of well logging methods. We applied acoustic borehole televiewer (BHTV) as the most important tool, but we made several additional logs, too, which are very sensitive to the fractures (full wave sonic, resistivity, caliper). The real influx points from among the open fissures were detected with heat pulse flowmeter (HPF) logging. This paper provides information obtained from BHTV measurements and the integrated interpretation of logs. Some statements were made on the geotechnical state of the granite body.