Experimental testing of line rocks in Li-F granites: evidence from superliquidus experiments with F and P added


Authors: Fedkin A, Seltmann R, Bezmen N, Zaraisky G

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 77, issue 2; pages: 113 - 125; Received 7 January 2002; Accepted in revised form 8 April 2002;

Keywords: alkali feldspar granite, layered intrusion, fluorine, lithium, phosphorus, melting experiment, melt, X-ray data,

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New experimental data on the simulation of layered textures typical of some highly evolved granites are presented. In the experiments, low-evolved and high-evolved granite systems were compared, both doped with F and F+P. Most of the runs exhibit zones of quartz crystallization within a chemically heterogeneous granite glass. The experiment using typical material from the Li-F-P-rich Podlesí granite stock (Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic) as a starting charge, with added F and P, resulted in discrete microlayering. In the quenched glass, rhythmically alternating thin (5-10 µm) bands either enriched or depleted in alumina occurred. The experimental result simulates natural analogs of granitic line rocks, which occur locally in the Podlesí stock as well as in the Orlovka and Etyka granite massifs, Eastern Transbaikalia (Russia).