The taxonomy of middle Westphalian medullosalean foliage known as ' Alethopteris grandinioides early form' from the Central and Western Bohemian basins


Authors: Šimůnek Z, Cleal CJ

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 77, issue 1; pages: 61 - 64; Received 10 December 2001; Accepted in revised form 12 February 2002;

Keywords: Upper Carboniferous, Middle Westphalian, biostratigraphy, Gymnospermae, Pteridospermae, Alethopterides, taxonomy, biogeography, Late Paleozoic of central and western Bohemia,

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Fossils from the Whetstone Horizon of central Bohemia, previously referred to as the 'early form of A. grandinioides Kessler', are shown to be indistinguishable in pinnule morphology and venation from Alethopteris distantinervosa Wagner. This new evidence allows the diagnosis of A. distantinervosa to be emended, providing better information on its morphological variation and epidermal structure. A. distantinervosa occurs in floras of late Duckmantian to Bolsovian and possibly early Westphalian D age in central Bohemia, Saar-Lorraine, Ibbenbüren, and South Staffordshire. A. grandinioides Kessler sensu Wagner, non Kessler s.s. (= A. pseudograndinioides Zodrow and Cleal) does not appear to occur in floras older than middle Westphalian D in age.