New representatives of Radioscutellum and Cornuscutellum (Trilobita) from the Pragian of the Barrandian area (Lower Devonian, Czech Republic)


Authors: Košan P

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 77, issue 1; pages: 45 - 53; Received 6 November 2001; Accepted in revised form 10 January 2002;

Keywords: Trilobita, Corynexochida, Lower Devonian, Pragian, new taxa, taxonomy, fossiliferous localities, Barrandian, Prague basin,

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New scutelluid species Radioscutellum sternbergi n. sp. and Radioscutellum effrenatum n. sp. are described from two accumulations of organic remains found within the Koněprusy Limestone in the quarry of Čertovy schody-East (VČS-E) situated S of the village of Koněprusy. The third new scutelluid species described, Cornuscutellum ? hartlin. sp., comes from the Loděnice Limestone extracted in the 'Čeřinka' Quarry near the village of Bubovice.