Mineralogy and geochemistry of loesses in southern Moravia


Authors: Adamová M, Havlíček P, Šibrava V

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 77, issue 1; pages: 29 - 41; Received 20 December 2000; Accepted in revised form 4 February 2002;

Keywords: Quaternary, loess, mineral composition, chemical composition, geochemical profile, eolian sedimentation, palaeoclimate, Quaternary of Moravian basins,

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Attention is paid to mineralogy and geochemistry of loesses at selected localities in southern Moravia (Czech Republic). Evaluation of samples taken from stratigraphically fixed horizons allowed to compare loess covers of different age, to draw some conclusions concerning source areas of loess, wind direction and character of weathering. Based on the studies and evaluation of 'oxidizing degrees' some conclusions could be drawn on palaeoclimatic conditions during loess sedimentation, in particular with regard to inland glaciations of North European lowland.