Lower Badenian deposits near Kralice nad Oslavou (SW Moravia): results of geophysical, geomorphological and sedimentological research


Authors: Brzák M, Hubatka F, Nehyba S

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 76, issue 3; pages: 149 - 154;

Keywords: Carpathian Foredeep, Geo-radar, Post-Lower Badenian tectonic movements, Epigenesis, Alluvial deposits,

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Position of Lower Badenian marine deposits near the village of Kralice nad Oslavou (SW Moravia) allows us to study other palaeogeographical processes (tectonic movements, river network development, sedimentation, etc.). As shown by geo-radar profiles, the marine deposits clearly rest on a small down-faulted block. The down faulting is at least partly younger than the Lower Badenian. Comparison of the palaeoecological characteristics of the Lower Badenian sea (Hamršmíd 1984) with the morphology of the present relief of the crystalline complex indicates also younger tectonic movements. The marine deposits were preserved in a depression in the area of Kralice nad Oslavou and Březník, W of the Jinošov Dome, due to weaker denudation. The present river network is markedly disharmonious to the system of shallow depressions filled with marine deposits, and was founded epigenetically after the Lower Badenian. Deposits in the newly exposed section above the Lower Badenian marine sediments reflect younger continental (alluvial-fluvial) depositional environment, associated with the erosion of older marine sediments and the surrounding crystalline complex.