?Scolecodonts or their immitation by graphite floccules in the crystalline limestone of Varied Group, South Bohemia


Authors: Konzalová M

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 4; pages: 445 - 448;

Keywords: ?Scolecodont remains, Vermes, crystalline limestone, Varied Group, Moldanubicum, Bohemia,

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Quasi scolecodont remains has been encountered in the graphitic crystalline limestone of the Varied Group of the Bohemian Moldanubicum. The remains are not unambiguous but their morphology is striking and reminds of the jaw of Polychaetes. The objects described cannot be taken as a tool for stratigraphy but may be correctly interpreted by the other finds of similar forms or on the other hand, by forms where the inorganic origin and immitation can be proved.