Tachloconcha gen. n. and Spirina Kayser, 1889, two additional Lower Palaeozoic gastropods with preserved retractor muscle attachment scars


Authors: Horný RJ

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 4; pages: 415 - 425;

Keywords: Gastropoda, Platyceratoidea, Tachloconcha gen. n., Spirina, Silurian, muscle scars, preservation, Bohemia,

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Two new finds of retractor muscle scars are described from the Silurian strata of Bohemia (Czech Republic) in the gastropods Tachloconcha gen. n. (Platyceratoidea), and in Spirina Kayser, 1889. The muscle scar of Tachloconcha provides a model for early, fully mobile platyceratoideans. That of Spirina shows morphological similarity with Sinuites Koken, 1896.