Thalloid algae with reproductive organs and other fossils in limestones and solid bitumens: Neoproterozoic, Czech Republic


Authors: Pacltová B

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 3; pages: 339 - 349;

Keywords: Neoproterozoic, multicellular algae with reproductive organs, cyanobacteria, oncolites, acritarchs, palaeoenvironment, taphonomy,

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Permineralized microfossils and carbonized algal thalli altered by low grade metamorphosis were found in Neoproterozoic limestones and in altered bitumens. Remains of cyanobacteria, acritarchs inclusive acanthomorphic types, vase-shaped microfossils, oncolites and large spheres resembling green algae have been distinguished and documented by photographs. Sporangia filled with spores were recognized within multicellular algal thalli resembling red algae. The assemblage of microfossils indicates a subtidal, shallow water environment and the Neoproterozoic age of the studied sediments.