New lithostratigraphical formations of the Pannonian in the Vienna Basin in Moravia


Authors: Čtyroký P

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 2; pages: 159 - 170;

Keywords: new lithostratigraphical formations, Pannonian, Vienna Basin in Moravia, Czech Republic,

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New lithostratigraphical units has been proposed for the Pannononian strata. For sediments of the Pannonian, zone A to E the new name Bzenec Formation has been proposed. Within this formation the position of the Kyjov-lignite Member, belonging to the uppermost part of the zone B, has been codified. The name Dubňany Formation has been codified for the Pannonian, zone F. For deposits, overlying the Dubňany Formation, called till now as Variegated Formation, the name Gbely - Formation was accepted. This formation was formerly described from the Slovak part of Vienna Basin. A historical rewiev on the stratigraphy of the Pannonian strata Moravia and neigbouring countries has been discussed. The description of the typesections of newly proposed formation has been given. The stratigraphic range of single formations is documented by assemblages of ostracods and mollusks.