Clustered trilobites Leonaspis leonhardi in the Kopanina Formation (Silurian, Czech Republic)


Authors: Slavíčková J, Kocourek R

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 2; pages: 153 - 157;

Keywords: Trilobita, Leonaspis, taphonomy, clustered trilobites, Silurian, Prague Basin,

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An unusual cluster of Leonaspis leonhardi (Barrande, 1846) was found in the 'Smoking Quarry' near Karlštejn (Czech Republic), Kopanina Formation (Silurian, Ludfordian). The trilobite cluster is composed of four trilobites, together with an indeterminable brachiopod (only one valve) and two indeterminable rugose corals. The trilobites are partially disarticulated and this accumulation probably does not represent a life assemblage. The probable explanation is that all of the trilobites were killed suddenly and buried rapidly in place, only after a short transport.