New National Research and Development Policy in the Czech Republic: Its implications on Earth Sciences


Authors: Kukal Z

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 2; pages: 127 - 134;

Keywords: Research and development, Czech Republic, National Policy, Earth Sciences, Analysis of the standard of Research and Development, European Union,

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New National Research and Development policy formulates important proposals and ideas how to improve the efficiency of the Czech science. The state support of Research and Development should rise to 0.7 % of the Gross Domestic Product until 2002. The possibilities of undirect support for the Research and Development are also analysed. The key for the state support of basic, applied research and development follows the European Union model. The importance of university education is also underlined as well as a necessity of improved cooperation between the universities, Academy of Sciences, independent research organisations and industrial research. New organisational structure for the management of science is proposed. Out of three models the establishment of the Ministry of Research and Education is proposed. The Earth Sciences in the Czech Republic are ranked 30th among world countries according to the publication and citation indexes. Among 24 impacted periodicals issued in the Czech Republic there is no Earth Sciences journal. The ideas and proposals included in the National Policy will appear in the new Act (Law) which is supposed to be formulated in the second half of 2000. Earth Sciences could play an important role in the 5th Frame Programme of the European Union.