Clast lithological analysis of glaciofluvial sediments in northern Bohemia, Czechia


Authors: Nývlt D, Hoare PG

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 2; pages: 121 - 126;

Keywords: Valounové analýzy, glacifluviální sedimenty, střední pleistocén, severní Čechy,

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The glaciofluvial sediments of northern Bohemia contain a considerable variety of rock types. The range of petrologies may be summarised, according to provenance, as 'local', 'near' and 'nordic'. A further category consists of quartz clasts of indeterminate provenance. Whilst the 'local' provenance-group typically overwhelms those erratics which were transported from farther afield, the relative proportions of the three groups may vary vertically within a single exposure, and also from one deposit to another. These variations are principally related to (i) the position within the ice sheet of the débris which gave rise to the glaciofluvial material, and (ii) the relief of the depositional site and its surroundings.