Hollabrunn Gravel of Lower Pannonian age - its composition and genesis


Authors: Batík P

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 1; pages: 33 - 36;

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The Hollabrunn Gravel is of fluvial origin and Lower Pannonian age (Grill, 1968). It occurs in the broader surroundings of Austrian city of Hollabrunn and overlies marine Karpatian and/or Karpatian up to Badenian. The clasts of the Hollabrunn Gravel are mostly coming from the Alpian Jurassic and flysch, whereas the crystalline rocks, which are not so abundant, come probably from the Austrian part of the Moldanubicum. After the regression of Lower Badenian sea from the Carpathian Foredeep initial primitive fluvial drainage of West-East direction started to be formed and was affected by the radial tectonics. Such a relief did not allow further transport of the clastic material southwards into the depositional environment of the Hollabrunn Gravel.