Lesukite, cubic Al2Cl(OH)5.2H2O from Kladno, Czech Republic


Authors: Žáček V, Ondruš P

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 1; pages: 23 - 26;

Keywords: lesukite, aluminium chloride, burning mine heaps, Kladno, Czech Republic,

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L e s u k i t e - a cubic hydrated aluminium chloride, Al2Cl(OH)5.2H2O, was found on a burning colliery heap near Kladno, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic. Lesukite is yellow-orange, microcrystalline, slightly hygroscopic, well soluble in water and forms grains up to tenths of mm. The mineral is cubic with a = 19.863(3)Å; the refractive index measured by immersion method is 1.574(2). Lesukite is accompanied with unnamed aluminium chloride AlCl(OH)5.2H2O, sal ammoniac and quartz. The material with aluminium chlorides was formed by reaction of vapours rich in chlorine with aluminous clayey shale.