The Czech part of the Krkonoše - Jizera Mts. pluton in the light of regional heavy mineral prospecting


Authors: Abrahám V, Dudek A, Fediuk F

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 1; pages: 17 - 22;

Keywords: heavy minerals, granitoids, Bohemian Massif,

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The regional heavy mineral prospecting, realised during last decades by Geomin cooperative Jihlava for almost whole territory of the Czech Republic in the scale 1 : 200 000, turned out as a sensitive and inspiring discriminator between individual geological units and bodies. This holds for sedimentary, metamorphic as well as magmatic rocks. The panning analysis pictures of the Krkonoše - Jizera Mts. granitoid pluton is shown here as the evidence of such statement. The distribution of heavy minerals and chemical elements in the fine panning fraction not only sharply delimitate the pluton against its frame but also characterize single components within the pluton. These results prove that the panning analysis can serve as a useful tool for interpretations in regional geology.