Mineralogy of the iron-ore deposit 'Vlčí doly' near Stínava (Drahany Upland)


Authors: Zimák J, Krausová D, Novotný P

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 75, issue 1; pages: 1 - 6;

Keywords: železné rudy, oolitické rudy, siderit, magnetit, mušketovitizace, chlorit, chemismus, geneze,

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Four types of iron-ore were found at the deposit 'Vlčí doly' near Stínava in the Drahany Upland: (1) siderite ore; (2) quartz-sideritemagnetite ore; (3) quartz-magnetite ore; and (4) chlorite and siderite-chlorite ores. The studied ores are sedimentary in origin; shallow-water depositional conditions are evidenced by relicts of siderite oolites. The bulk of the iron compounds has been introduced into the sedimentary basin from the surrounding continent, and weathered basic volcanites of the Devonian age were probably the main source of supply. A certain part of ore matter might be of the volcano-sedimentary origin. The ores have been affected by low grade regional metamorphism.