Genus Paterula (Brachiopoda) in Ordovician-Silurian sequence of Central Bohemia


Authors: Mergl M

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 74, issue 3; pages: 347 - 362;

Keywords: Brachiopoda, Lingulata, Ordovician, Silurian, Prague Basin, Czech Republic,

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Representatives of the evolutionary lineage of the genus Paterula Barrande in the Ordovician and Silurian of Central Bohemia are reviewed. In a stratigraphically ascending order, the genus is represented by P. prima Klouček, P. incognita sp. n., P. circina Havlíček, P. bohemica Barrande, P. linguata sp. n. and P. argus sp. n. there. Shell morphology, evolution and paleoecology of the genus are discussed.