Middle Devonian crinoid columnals from Čelechovice in Moravia (Czech Republic)


Authors: Ureš M†, Le Menn J, Hladil J

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 74, issue 3; pages: 323 - 334;

Keywords: Crinoids, columnals, Devonian, Eifelian, Givetian, Moravia,

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Samples from the Lower Givetian beds 136-138 in Státní lom quarry near Čelechovice provided a rich association of crinoid columnals. The most significant determinable taxa are Cupressocrinites sp. M (systematics based on complete specimens), and Grisetocrinus uresi sp. n. (Le Menn), Grisetocrinus sp., Fleckenbergocrinus moravicus sp. n. (Le Menn), Laudonomphalus sp., Stenocrinus sp., Paracyclocaudex sp., Asperocrinus sp., Eurax sp. and Pterinocrinus ? sp. (systematics based on disarticulated parts, mainly columnals). The crinoid columnals show paleobiogeographical relationships with south Laurussian (Baltica) margins and further studies of cupressocrinitids are promising for development of the Eifelian-Givetian stratigraphy on margins of carbonate platforms and also for explanation of the Devonian migration routes in marine environment. According to cupressocrinitid columnals, the .elechovice beds are similar to the marly beds of the Lower Wotan Member in the Eifel (Railway Station Gondelsheim) as well as the Skały Beds of the Holy Cross Mountains.